Low Pressure Laminate (a.k.a. – LP Laminate / L.P.L. or Thermal Fused Melamine) consists of a printed decor paper sheet, fused directly to the core material. LP laminate is heat, moisture, stain and abrasion resistant. It is also peel resistant, since it’s fused directly to the core.

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High Pressure Laminate (a.k.a – HP Laminate / H.P.L. / Plastic Laminate or P-LAM) consists of a printed decor paper fused to multiple sheets of kraft paper saturated with a melamine resin. Heat and pressure bonds all the sheets together in a thermosetting process. This creates a flexible, durable piece of plastic-like material, which is then adhered to a thicker core material using a variety of adhesives. High-Pressure Laminate is heat, moisture, stain and abrasion resistant, making it a great choice for heavy use office spaces.

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