At David Lane Office Furniture, we specialize in flexible manufacturing, allowing us to create unique designs and palettes to suit your individual needs. We offer the opportunity to combine the critical elements of design, functionality, durability and aesthetics into a furniture solution crafted just for you.

We began as a one-man operation in 1979, and over the next couple of decades the company grew largely by word of mouth having built a reputation for high quality product and superior customer service.  Since then we’ve been privileged to work with some of the most prominent companies and institutions in North America.

In our industry manufactures traditionally make a set line of furniture and try to sell that furniture to everyone, our approach is completely different, plain and simple “we make what you want”, whatever size, material, color, design and feature you want your new product or products to have we will make it for you.

Not only do we make it the way you want it, we will also back up the products we make with a Lifetime Warranty. With our proven track record for quality, a high profile clientele, unparalleled customer service, competitive pricing and the design, size and features that are right for you why wouldn’t you have your next furniture purchase made to order.

As BC Company here are a few of the Local Charities that we support:

Canadian Red Cross - Proud Sponsor
BC Children's Hospital Foundation - Proud Sponsor
Burnaby Hospital Foundation - Proud Sponsor
Heart & Stoke Foundation - Proud Sponsor
BC Cancer Foundation - Proud Sponsor
Ronald McDonald House - Proud Sponsor
CKNW Kids' Fund - Proud Sponsor
Family Services North Shore - Proud Sponsor